Leśny sen

Spring.... Accustomed to the noise of the city, blinking lights peeping into your window like searchlights, noise of car tyres, voices of people travelling between the walls of concrete… you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night because silence is all around you.

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Renting rooms, full board, we serve dishes of game, occasional special events such as: baptisms, communions, birthday parties, name-day parties, anniversaries and other, transport of food food to the indicated place. Possibility to rent the whole accomodation unit e.g. for New Year's Eve.

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Photography of nature

If you like to enjoy of being witness of nature spectacles, if you liked to watch them from the inside, you need not to look for it in the Primeval Forest of Bialowieza. Here among the forest stands of the Primeval Forest of Słupsk you will find most Polish species of mammals and birds. From firecrest and goldcrest to Sea Eagle and whooper swan. From least weasel and rabbit to wolf, which settled in this area.

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Bicycle tourism

You like to ride a bike, you would like to pedal in the large forests, moraine hills and beautiful lakes? Join us.

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Geocaching is simply a fun in hunting a treasure using the GPS receiver. The thing is to find the container (called “geocache”) hidden earlier and to record this fact on a dedicated website.

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Less than 2 km from our house one of the most wild rivers of Pomerania - Pokrzywna flows. Still not fully explored, enrapturing with the beauty of pristine landscape and irresistible impression of the proximity of nature.

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Nordic Walking

The forest seems to be a natural environment for practising nordic walking. Soft forest paths absorb shocks, so walk on them is less stressful for joints than walk on the pavement or asphalt.

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Forest Fruits

Beautiful pine forests, the richness of which we showed before, give us something more. Namely, are extremely rich in different species of mushrooms.

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Leśny Sen Kamila and Krzysztof Sokal
77-235 Trzebielino, Cetyń 54

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